Fun Facts About The Green Screen

Green screen technology is used in video, film and photography to come up with an exclusive photo or video. The green screen is needed in making the actor skin and hair match to the desired scene of the movie. The green costumes are used in the green screen to make it attractive to the targeted audience. The technique is used in movie production to get two characters to use the same effect in the movie. The color scheme is needed in developing a proper switching in movies and photo production. The following are fun facts about the green screen;


The actor should avoid shadows


The green screen is affected by shadows of an individual in coming up with appropriate features for the movie. The shadows on the camera make it hard for the producer to come up with a proper photo or movie. The head and shoulders are positioned in a way that there are no shadows shown in the green screen. It is easy to avoid shadows requiring one to come up with a technique to make it the green shot appear clear.


Require lighting


The green screen requires lighting that will make it possible to operate with the chroma key used in movie production. The two technologies have been used in movie production to make the characters appear like they are from different parts. The shooting in the lighting makes it likely to deal with the differences in facial and hair color of the actor. Perfect lighting is used to provide the needed composition that will facilitate a proper movie shooting using the green screen.


The screen is placed on a flat surface


The green screen is used in a flat and smooth surface for a proper shooting of the movie. The fabrics or paper used should offer a surface that is appropriate for the production of the movie. The wrinkles and folds on the green screen make it hard to come up with quality pictures or video.


Green screen reflections


The smooth surface is shiny which leads to reflection of the light to pick up the needed colors. The green color should be reflected in a way that will it will possible to edit the different features of the actors. The green screen is used in changing the hair color to blonde or any color that is appropriate for the actor.


Automatically sharpens the image


The green screen technology requires the use of digital cameras that will provide the proper chroma keying in the production process. The cameras are supposed to improve the appearance of the actors by evaluating the surrounding and role of the individual.


Extracts blue or green screens from the screen


The green screens are used to separate the green or blue suits from the screen for proper viewing. The technology has been applied in the broadcasting industry to ensure that broadcasters with blue or green suits do not mix with screen content in the streaming.


Started in the 1940s


The green screen technique was started by the movie producer in the 1940s. The technique was used to isolate the actors from the film background. The Thief of Bagdad was the first movie to use the green screen in 1940.